If you’re having trouble negotiating with your insurance company, you may have to sue, go to mediation. You also need to go to court. Your personal injury attorney can represent you in all legal proceedings related to your case. A personal injury attorney from MYA LAW FIRM works for you to resolve all issues. We know how insurance companies are trying to treat victims in such cases and fight for the compensation they deserve.

You can also make more money by having an attorney negotiate a settlement. Lawyers will not accept bad settlement offers from insurance companies. Instead, your attorney will advocate for maximum compensation for your damages and help you get better compensation.

You may be worried that you cannot afford to hire a personal injury lawyer. However, most attorneys file personal injury claims in an emergency. In other words, the attorney will not receive any fees unless you receive your compensation. Hiring a personal injury attorney from MYA LAW FIRM shows the insurance company that you have the option to go to court. This has two purposes. In many cases, the ability to go to court alone can be enough to convince the insurance company to offer a higher settlement amount.